Browsing reports

To browse existing reports, navigate to the Reports screen. This screen displays a list of all of the reports that you have permission to access.

Viewing a report

When you've found a report you wish to view in the list, simply click on the link in the Report name column to open the Report screen. See /wiki/spaces/LRS/pages/41123859/wiki/spaces/LRS/pages/41123859 for more details.

Report actions

You can also click the Actions button beside a given report to access additional actions:


Only report administrators will see the Report settings and Delete report options in the Actions menu for a given report.

Filtering the reports list

If you have access to a lot of reports, it may be easier to find the report you wish to work with by applying filters to the list. You can filter by administration status, category or sharing scope, or search for a particular text string. Filters are additive, so you can combine each of the available filters to further narrow down the list.

Filtering by administration status

By default, all reports that you have access to via either administration status or sharing rules are displayed. To filter the list to display only the reports that you have administration status for, select the My reports filter. To see all reports again, simply select the All reports filter.

Filtering by category

If a JIRA administrator has /wiki/spaces/LRS/pages/39256145, you can filter the list by selecting a category that you're interested in. By default, all categories are displayed.

Filtering by sharing scope

By default, reports with any sharing scope (PublicLimited or Private) are displayed. You can filter the list by selecting a particular sharing scope. See the sharing setting page for more details about each sharing scope.

Search for text

To search for a string of text, enter it in the search box above the reports list. The text you enter will be matched against both the Report name and Description.