Creating a report

Accessing the Create report screen

To create a new report from anywhere in JIRA, navigate to the Create report screen via the Limbr Reports add-on menu.

Or, if you're already working in Limbr Reports, click the Create report button at the top of the Reports screen to open the Create report screen.

Creating the report

Start by entering a name for the new report in the Report name field. You may also optionally populate the Description field. Providing a brief description that summarizes the purpose, scope and audience of your report may be helpful to other users as they browse the list of available reports.

Next, specify the Data source – this setting determines which JIRA issues will be available to the report. See this page for more detailed instructions on configuring the Data source setting.

Finally, click the Create button to create the report. Don't worry if you don't get these settings quite right on the first attempted – you can always change them in the next step.

Once the report has been successfully created, you will be redirected to the Report screen for the new report and the Settings panel will be visible in the top portion of the screen.

You'll likely want to configure a number of the other available settings to make your report useful for its intended purpose. For detailed instructions on each available setting, see the Configuring report settings section.

Configuring report settings